An alleged South Korean YouTuber was subjected to harassment by a man while doing an online live feed in Mumbai. On social media, the video of the incident from tuesday night is going viral. The YouTuber was harassed by the accused man by trying to kiss her and grabbing her hand while she was live, as seen in the footage that was released on Twitter.

Additionally sharing the video on Twitter, the woman, Mhyochi, wrote: "I was bothered by a guy on stream last night. He was with his friend, so I did my best to avoid escalating the matter and walking out. And some individuals claimed that it started because I was overly amiable and struck up a discussion. makes me reconsider streaming." (sic)

The accused is seen in the one-minute video giving the female YouTuber a lift by taking her hand while she nervously resists. The accused tries to kiss the woman's face when she refuses to sit down and wraps a hand around her neck. The woman starts to move away while adamantly resisting the action and saying "Time to go home" on the live stream. The accused, along with a second individual riding a scooter, follows her and offers the lift once more. Later in the video, he is heard saying, "Come, this seat."

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