The woman that Aaftab Poonawala dated before killing his live-in spouse Shraddha Walkar was horrified when she discovered his heinous deed. When she visited his apartment twice after the murder, she said she had no idea that human body parts were kept there. She added that Aaftab had given her a stylish replica ring on october 12. Sources claim that Shraddha was the rightful owner of the ring. It was found on Aaftab's new girlfriend, and the police have taken down her statement. According to rumours, she is a psychiatrist by profession.

According to her statement to the police, she visited Aaftab's flat twice in october but had no idea that he had been murdered or that there were body parts inside the home. She claimed that Aaftab frequently told her about his mumbai house and never displayed any signs of fear. Aaftab and the woman had met through a dating app. Approximately 15 to 20 ladies were in contact with Aaftab via various dating websites, according to the authorities. police searched his Bumble app history during the inquiry and discovered the lady he had spoken to on May 30, or 12 days before the murder.

She claimed that she never sensed any signs of his mental instability and that his behaviour seemed regular, if not even caring. She claimed that Aaftab frequently gave her perfumes as gifts and that he had a collection of deodorants and perfumes. According to her, Aaftab used to smoke frequently and make his own cigarettes, but he frequently discussed quitting. She stated that he enjoyed eating a variety of foods and would frequently have non-vegetarian dishes from various restaurants to be delivered to his home. She stated that he had explained to her how restaurant chefs present their dishes. She is currently receiving counselling because, according to police sources, she was in shock after learning the specifics of the murder case.

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