For 26 years, pakistan functioned without a constitution...

India and pakistan were independent together. While india is the fifth largest economy in the world today, pakistan is facing the biggest economic crisis in its history. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy. A major reason for this plight is the rule of law i.e. the constitution. Today, where india is celebrating the 74th anniversary of its Republic Day, on the other hand, pakistan is on the verge of destruction. Within three years of India's independence, the constitution was implemented on january 26, 1950, but there was a dark city in Pakistan.

Pakistan and india have the same political history. Both had adopted the parliamentary democratic system of Britain. Pakistan's founder Mohammad ali Jinnah also dreamed of religious freedom for all its citizens like Nehru, but after his death, pakistan went into darkness.

It took 26 years to implement the constitution

India's new constitution went into effect on january 26, 1950. 

On march 23, 1956, the first constitution was put into effect in pakistan, which had been founded nine years earlier in 1947. Pakistan's first constitution was ratified on march 23, 1956. Therefore, on the occasion of the passing of the first constitution of pakistan, every year march 23 is celebrated as pakistan Day. pakistan was also officially declared an Islamic country on this day, but its constitution kept on changing continuously and it remained under anarchy for a long time.

After 1956, in 1962, changes were made in the constitution of pakistan on 26 march 1969. After this, the constitutional crisis of 1970 in the country further affected this work. After the partition of east pakistan, a legislature was formed in 1972 on the basis of the 1970 elections and on 10 april 1973 the committee presented its report on the constitution. Then on 14 august 1973, a new constitution was implemented in Pakistan.

Played an important role in the destruction

In such a situation, when pakistan fought three wars in two and a half decades of independence and became economically weak, it did not have any constitution of its own. Because of this, from corruption to anarchy spread in the country. If it is said that those two and a half decades had an important role in the current economic condition of pakistan, then perhaps it would not be wrong.

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