Recently re-elected ap cm YS jagan announced that he will soon relocate to vizag and conduct business there. He designated vizag as the executive capital of andhra pradesh, and the groundwork for his relocation there is being done. The official mansion for the cm in vizag is reportedly being prepared by government personnel, who are reportedly quite busy. According to a telugu tabloid source, Jagan's house in vizag received up to Rs 100 crores in funding. His home will probably be constructed at Bay Park.

The cm house may boast of grandeur and elegance, as seen by the staggering Rs 100 crores being spent on it. The subject is claimed to have been handled with priority because jagan is expected to move to vizag within the next few months. One can only speculate about the overall moving operations connected to the relocation of top-level government officials, public representatives, and others when one considers that the cm house alone cost Rs 100 crores.

The future capital of andhra pradesh will be vizag, according to an announcement made on tuesday by jagan Mohan Reddy, the chief minister of the state. cm jagan remarked, "I am come to invite you to Visakhapatnam, which will be our capital. I am speaking at the present international Diplomatic Alliance Conference being held in New Delhi. I'll be moving there as well.

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