Putin arrest Warrant: Will ICC be able to arrest?

On Friday, Vladimir Putin was given an arrest order by the international Criminal court (ICC). Along with Putin, Maria Alekseevna Lvova-Belova, the Russian Commissioner for Children's Rights, is the subject of an arrest order from the ICC. The ICC informed that this arrest warrant against Putin has been done for 'war crime'. The Russian president is also charged with illegally bringing minors from ukraine to Russia. Putin will be detained if he travels to 123 nations today.

According to a declaration from the ICC, Russian President Vladimir Putin was found guilty of a "war crime" in ukraine on february 24, 2022. Putin is said to have had a hands-on role in this crime. In addition to this, he did nothing to halt the civilians and soldiers from committing these crimes. At the same time, Maria Alekseevna, the commissioner for children's rights, is charged with failing to prevent the forcible removal of Ukrainian children.

Will be arrested in 123 countries of the world

The news source claimed that since february 24, 2022, the Russian forces had abducted more than 16,000 Ukrainian children forcibly and sent them to Russia. Karim Khan, the prosecutor for the ICC, is looking into the claims of "war crimes" against Putin. Vladimir Putin will be detained right away, he said, if he enters even one of the 123 ACCI member nations. He stated that a forensic investigation was the reason for the issuance of the arrest warrant.

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