Bhutan PM: Doklam Conflict to be resolved by 3 Countries...

The prime minister of bhutan, Lotay Tshering, who is presently on a state visit to Germany, has stated that bhutan, china, and india all have an equal say in resolving the Doklam issue. In 2017, there was a two-month standoff between indian and Chinese troops in Bhutan's Doklam region. The People's Liberation army attempted to build a road through Doklam to the Jampheri ridge, which looks over the crucial siliguri corridor, also known as the Chicken's neck and essential from a strategic perspective.

Why Bhutanese PM has changed his stand?

There could be many reasons for the Bhutanese PM to change his stance. The biggest reason among these is the continuous slowing down of Bhutan's economy. In fact, tourism is the only medium for bhutan to earn. The economy has been badly affected due to the closure of tourism there during the Corona epidemic. Because of this, now the Bhutanese PM wants to find other ways of earning and giving it to his people. For this, he has received many offers from China. Like Nepal, bhutan is also dependent on china and india for contact with the outside world. At present, all the activities of bhutan are done through india only, but china is increasing its presence there. It is believed that the effect of this diplomatic penetration is reflected in the statement of the Bhutanese PM.

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