'Join bjp, get clean automatically'...

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, is protesting the federal government over a number of problems. He attempted to demonstrate during the dharna that the leaders' marks are removed once a person joins the BJP. In order to demonstrate the "BJP washing machine," he placed black clothes in it and took out white ones.

Why did mamta Banerjee do this?

Mamta Banerjee says that when tainted leaders of other political parties join bjp, all the allegations levelled against them are dismissed. bjp considers them pure and all their sins are forgiven. mamta Banerjee has given the term of bjp washing machine for this reason. Before joining bjp, bjp used to make many serious allegations against Shubhendu Adhikari as well. After joining, all the charges against him were dismissed. Similar allegations were levelled against arjun singh as well. bjp has forgotten the allegations of all the leaders.

BJP is washing machine

Mamta Banerjee said, 'BJP has become a washing machine. I am giving you the list of all thieves and robbers. They are all sitting there, I want to listen to their sermons about the Constitution?' mamta Banerjee said that she is also opposing the discriminatory attitude of the central government.

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