The opening of de-addiction centers in all 33 of Telangana's districts was announced by the state health department on Monday. According to Telangana's director of Medical education (DME), Dr. K Ramesh Reddy, dedicated de-addiction centers have been built in government General Hospitals throughout 33 districts and are currently operating and offering free mental health care services to clients.

Government general hospitals include de-addiction facilities affiliated to the Department of Psychiatry that offer a variety of treatments to patients, including inpatient treatment in special beds reserved for such patients. The bulk of those receiving therapy are those who are abusing alcohol, using narcotics like tobacco or even cannabis or are addicted to other substances. To guarantee that patients can use allied healthcare resources from other medical departments, de-addiction units are joined to general hospitals. The individuals who are admitted to the de-addiction facilities have access to in-patient care, yoga, counseling, and treatment.

De-addiction services were initially introduced by the State government in six teaching hospitals, including the gandhi Hospital, Kakatiya Medical college Warangal, RIMS Adilabad, and government General Hospitals in nizamabad and Mahabubnagar. The State health Department has recently been successful in establishing de-addiction centres in all 33 telangana government General Hospitals.

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