“Property tax assessment by drone in chennai is carried out only in poor-middle class households. lok sabha elections are coming next. We have already increased the property tax," said a councilor in a lamentable tone.

Chennai Corporation monthly board meeting was held today at Ribbon house under the chairmanship of Mayor Priya. During the free time, 92nd Ward Councilor Thilakar said, "They are taking bribes of 30,000 to 50,000 rupees in the graveyards in chennai Corporation. Therefore, the corporation can fix a certain amount and take it. Also, when will division of wards be done on a block-wise basis?" woke up

Responding to this, Mayor priya said, “All services are provided free of cost in the chennai Municipal Corporation. A notice board will be put up soon. The minister will soon release the notification of ward division wise. An announcement will be made very soon," he said.

129th Ward DMK, Councilor ravi shankar said, “Property tax assessments are carried out by drones only in poor and middle class houses. lok sabha elections are coming next. We have already raised the property tax," he said.

Responding to this, Deputy Mayor Mahesh Kumar said, "We have instructed the concerned companies to conduct an initial inspection of the corporate buildings in Chennai."

Some of the councilors raised the question of taking away the autonomy of the chennai Corporation. Commissioner Radhakrishnan's response to this was, "Urban local government Act 2023 has been implemented for all Municipal Corporations. Due to this rule, some jurisdictions have been reduced. Actions have been taken to ensure that the jurisdictions of the Mayor and Standing Committees are not affected.

Also, some employees have expressed their opinion. Based on that, we have submitted three committee recommendations to the government namely contract, works and law. In that, we have requested to allow certain jurisdictions to remain unaffected," he said.

Thanasekaran, chairman of the Standing Committee on Accounts, said, "Films, wedding films, private telecommunication towers have property tax outstanding of several crores of rupees. Steps should be taken to recover them. Corporation and officials should participate in the meeting of the area council,” he said. In response to this, the Commissioner said, 'Investigation and action will be taken'.

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