At the Naspur mandal centre on Friday, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao also laid the cornerstone for the Chennur Lift Irrigation Scheme (CLIS) and the mancherial government Medical College. He also opened the Integrated district Offices Complex (IDOC) and the Bharat Rashta Samithi (BRS) office.

The chief minister also lay the cornerstone for a structure that would house an oil palm business in the hamlet of Shankarpalli, in the Mandarri mandal. The facility has a price tag of Rs 503.70 crore. Later, he lay the cornerstone for a high-level bridge connecting mancherial and Anthargaon in the peddapalli district across the Godavari River. The bridge would cost Rs 164 crore to build.

The chief minister had earlier participated in special prayers offered by people of different faiths to commemorate the beginning of the construction projects. On a vast 26.24 acres, the IDOC was constructed for a cost of Rs 55.20 crore. At an estimated cost of Rs. 1,658 crore, the CLIS would be built, irrigating 90,000 acres in the Chennur assembly seat.

Men, women, and BRS activists from all sections of the district made a beeline for the session despite a brief downpour. The party's flags coloured the streets in the mandal hub pink. In the town's key intersections, Chandrashekhar Rao flex posters were erected. With 2,500 police officers deployed, the area was well guarded.

The chief minister, who reached mancherial by a helicopter at 5.10 pm, was received by ministers Allola Indrakaran Reddy, Vemula prashant Reddy, Gangula Kamalakar, government whip Balka Suman, MLAs Diwakar Rao, Jogu Ramanna, Durgam Chinnaiah and rekha Naik, peddapalli MP Dr venkatesh Netha, Zilla Parishad chairpersons N Bhagya Laxmi, Rathod Janardhan, and local public representatives.

Additionally present were ramagundam Commissioner of police Rema Rajeshwari, collector Badavath Santosh, DCP Sudhir Kekan, and Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari.

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