Officials of the palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (PRLIS) began the task of conducting final tests for the dry run of six more high powered pumps of 145MW each in both Stage II and Stage III of the prestigioso irrigation system on Sunday, as the krishna river water collected in sacred kalasas at the Narlapur pump house was used to spruce up the feet of native deities in as many as 3000 villages, signalling the end of the nightmare phase for

All of the villages in the former mahabubnagar district experienced a flurry of activity as their local sarpanches and other elected members arrived back from the public gathering that chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao addressed on saturday in Narlapur. Everyone had little jugs filled with krishna water for the return trips. people attended the ritual worship of the village gods in a joyful atmosphere, putting aside political differences.

On the other hand, the project's administrators were able to fill Anjanagiri reservoir with more than half a tmc of water with just one pump running. They are currently concentrating on the Stage II and Stage III project activities. The obligatory end-to-end test for six more pumps will shortly be completed, and they will be prepared for a dry run. In the upcoming five weeks, they would be gradually commissioned, according to project chief engineer MA Hameed Khan.

He claimed that the first mega pumping unit's successful wet run at Narlapur gave the project's entire engineering side a boost. With renewed zeal, they are aiming to finish the project's following two stages. He said that the lining portion of the tunnel was also being finished.

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