One country and one election is being discussed a lot in the country these days. Along with this, it is also

being said that lok sabha election 2024 will be held earlier. At the same time, cm Nitish Kumar gave a

statement on this on Monday. He said that they (Centre) want to conduct early elections across the country

and we are waiting because the sooner they conduct elections, the better. We don't have any problem with

this. At the same time, when asked about the preparations for the elections, he said that we are ready all the

time. The government of india has the right to conduct elections. Hold lok sabha elections soon.

We are fully prepared at all times – Nitish Kumar

On the question asked to chief minister Nitish Kumar about calling a special session of the lok sabha, he

said that now see, a special session is also being called before time, but nothing will happen from this. We are

fully prepared at all times. No matter what these people do, while talking about holding elections before time,

the chief minister said that the india alliance is strong. Will also contest elections strongly.

CM answered many questions from the media

Regarding media, chief minister Nitish Kumar said that when our government comes to power at the Centre,

we will make the media also independent. Right now their freedom has been hijacked by some people, but

when we come, they will also be allowed to work freely. At the same time, chief minister Nitish Kumar

remained silent on Sanatan's issue and pointing towards Tejashwi Yadav, said to ask him. Along with this, on

Amit Shah's statement about oil and water, he said that go around the whole of bihar and see. Roads have

been built, water has reached every house, but people do not see this. We were a poor state, but we have done

development work. This doesn’t make any sense. We are together so no one is saying anything.

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