The basic reason for where india is today and where pakistan is is that after independence, india got Pandit

jawaharlal nehru as its first prime minister and pakistan got Jinnah as its first Prime Minister. These things

were said by Aam Aadmi Party’s rajya sabha MP sandeep Pathak in the rajya sabha today (20 September).

Aam Aadmi Party’s rajya sabha MP sandeep Pathak, while talking on Chandrayaan and isro in the Rajya

Sabha, said that if Pandit jawaharlal nehru is not remembered today, it would be meaningless.

After independence, the situation in our country was such that in many places there was not enough food to

eat. How could anyone at that time think that money has to be invested in space science? He might have faced

a lot of opposition politically, but keeping all those opposition aside, he showed his political foresight and

clarity, this is called leadership. sandeep Pathak further said in the house that, if the foundation stone lies

straight then the rest of the stones also lie straight and the wall becomes straight. If the foundation stone is

crooked then the wall also becomes crooked. sandeep Pathak said that after Pandit Nehru, indira gandhi and

then atal bihari vajpayee also gave a lot of importance to space science.

An organization is more important than a scientist

He said that within 10 years of the establishment of isro Institution, isro had launched the first satellite,

which is a big thing in itself. By the time 20 years had passed, india had prepared all the satellite launch

vehicles. 20 years ago, he started launching his satellites from his own vehicle. sandeep said that what did

india do in the field of space that it made so much progress? I have studied science before joining politics. I

understand very well that an organization is more important than any individual scientist.

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