Important update about 7th Pay Commission is out. It is said that before diwali, Central employees will be rewarded with DA hike. Central employees' diwali may be even brighter this time. In fact, Modi is expected to give a big gift to government employees by raising the Dearness Allowance (DA hike) ahead of the festival. At present, central employees get 42 per cent discount and 3 per cent increase can be announced. If this happens, the DA will increase to 45 per cent and there will be a huge hike in the salary of the employees. The central government revises the gratuity paid to the employees twice a year. The first revision of this year i.e. DA hike was done on march 24, 2023. Further, the increase in dearness allowance will be effective for employees and pensioners from january 1, 2023. Under this, the DA given to central employees has been increased by 4 percent. Considering the rate of inflation, the government decides to increase the DA of the employees.

As inflation is high, the expectation of increasing DA of employees is high. Generally, the dearness allowance of central employees is revised on 1st january and 1st July every year. There has been no official comment or announcement from the central government regarding the expected hike in subsidized prices before Diwali. This assessment is expressed by considering the demands of the employees in various reports.

However, if the government takes a decision in favor of employees based on the rate of inflation, around one crore employees and pensioners of the country will benefit from it. These include 47.58 lakh central employees and 69.76 lakh pensioners. Now employees are expected to get 3 per cent DA hike award and may increase to 45 per cent on depreciation.

So if we calculate the increase in salary according to this, if an employee's basic pay is Rs 18,000 and he currently gets 42 percent discount, it becomes Rs 7,560. If it is increased to 45 percent, the amount will rise to Rs.8,100. This means that the salary of the employees will directly increase by Rs.540. Now if the employee's maximum basic pay is Rs 56,900, the DA on it as of now is Rs 23,898, whereas after the three per cent hike, it will become Rs 25,605.

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