On social media, a video going viral shows Muslim community members serving prasadam, or devotional food, to worshippers at a Vinayaka temple in siddipet district on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. In Hyderabad, where a Muslim man and his Hindu friends placed Lord Ganesha's statue in ram Nagar, interfaith harmony was on show.

In an interview with ANI, Mohammed siddique stated, "For the past 18 years, we had installed the Lord Ganesh statue in Ramnagar with great devotion. Participating in the festivities are all local residents from the Muslim, Sikh, and Christian groups. "We have been friends since childhood, which is why we participate in all the celebrations together," Siddique's pal Sai added. For the past 18 years, we have erected the Ganesh idol on ganesh chaturthi each year. We carry out the immersion in a very formal way. Over the course of nine days, Anandan and pooja participate in daily cultural events.

This year's 10-day ganesh chaturthi celebration got underway on september 19. Despite being primarily a Hindu holiday, it is widely observed by all major religions. The video has gone viral instantly on twitter and netizens are praising the harmony prevailing in Hyderabad. watch out this space for more updates.

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