Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj party (Subhashpa) President and former UP government cabinet minister Om

Prakash Rajbhar has reacted to the expansion of the cabinet in the yogi government. Apart from this, he also

commented on the reactions of Samajwadi party leader and former cabinet minister in yogi government, Swami

Prasad Maurya.

On the possible expansion of the cabinet of the yogi government, the Subhashpa chief said that if the cabinet is

expanded then Rajbhar will definitely become a minister. On the statement of SP leader Swami prasad Maurya,

the Subha SP leader said that he has lost his mental balance. He does not believe in the Constitution. Was a

minister in bjp government for 5 years. He did not remember all this then. Even when he was a minister in the

BSP government, he did not remember all these things. Now that he has lost power, he is giving unrestrained

statements. He needs treatment. He claimed that Swami prasad Maurya's statements are coming at the

instigation of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav. OP Rajbhar said that Ramlautan Nishad had also given similar

statements but then he was expelled from the party. Now similar comments are coming but akhilesh yadav is

drinking tea with the commenters.

Swamy’s statements are becoming a problem for SP

It is noteworthy that SP General Secretary Swami prasad Maurya’s continuous comments on Gods and

Goddesses are becoming the center of controversy. The SP chief family and most of their supporters have

religious inclinations. He is feeling uncomfortable with these statements. For this reason, it will not be

surprising if SP keeps distance from Swamy. Because the party is in no mood to give anti-religious weapons to

BJP against itself. The question raised on lakshmi devi since the day of diwali has given a big issue to the

BJP. On this issue, congress has also started cornering Akhilesh through Swamy. On the other hand, SP

spokesperson has instructed Swamy not to make such comments.

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