Would the country's economy survive dollarization?

Dollarization is the process of making the dollar the primary form of money in a nation or changing all of the nation's currencies to dollars. Let's now examine how a nation's economy can be saved by dollarizing its national currency. In actuality, dollarization can slow the rate of increase in product prices by providing an excess of money. Any nation's economy becoming more stable boosts investor confidence, which in turn boosts economic confidence.

In addition, a dollar-based economy encourages exports because foreign investors view stability in this kind of economy as beneficial to economic expansion. Trade both domestically and internationally can be conducted using a single currency thanks to dollarization. Because of this, conducting business is not impeded by issues pertaining to currency.

To what extent does the strengthening of the indian rupee matter?

What is the amount of money that india has and how much is it spending on trade abroad? This makes sense: if you travel to America and find that the rupee is not accepted there, you will need to exchange your rupees for US dollars. In this case, one dollar is currently equivalent to 84 indian rupees. In this case, you would have to pay 84 thousand 218 indian rupees in order to obtain $1,000. It is obvious that the supply of any good or service determines its price. In this case, the rupee's price will increase if there is less demand for it and more demand for the dollar, but there is also less supply of the latter. Only when that nation has substantial foreign exchange reserves will the supply be adequate in such a scenario.

An RBI report states that indians who study overseas spent 2.021 billion dollars between 2017 and 2018. If india had such excellent educational institutions, foreigners would come study here and earn money by paying in dollars, which would raise the value of the dollar there. In a similar vein, indian businesses that export any goods overseas must likewise make the same payment in dollars.

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