The politics of madhya pradesh has heated up over the installation of the photograph of Constitution maker Dr.

Bhimrao Ambedkar in place of the photograph of the country’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru behind

the Speaker’s chair in the madhya pradesh Assembly. congress has raised questions on the removal of Pandit

Nehru’s picture. Now BJP’s reaction on this has also come to the fore.

Madhya Pradesh’s newly appointed Deputy Speaker Rajendra Shukla said, congress should not talk like this.

Congress should welcome the installation of Dr. Ambedkar’s photo. If Dr. Ambedkar’s picture is not there in the

Lok Sabha and assembly, then where will it be? Since the proceedings of the lok sabha and the assembly are

conducted on the basis of the Constitution, they should welcome it and as far as Pandit Nehru’s photograph is

concerned, the assembly Secretariat will definitely work to put his photograph at the right place.

In fact, behind the Speaker’s chair in the madhya pradesh assembly, on one side was a picture of Mahatma

Gandhi and on the other was the picture of the first prime minister Nehru. But now Ambedkar’s picture has

been put in place of Nehru. congress has expressed objection on this matter. Also demanded to put up Nehru’s

photo. On this matter, congress Media Department Vice President abbas Hafeez has said that removing

Nehru’s picture is a malicious sentiment. The first prime minister of the country is being insulted again and

again. This has become a habit of BJP. Efforts are being made to remove the name from history. Efforts are

being made to create a fight between Ambedkar and Nehru. The picture which was hung with dignity in the

Assembly for 50 years has been removed and replaced with Dr Ambedkar's picture. This shows that bjp wants


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