As per report bjp West bengal president Sukanta Majumdar on monday claimed his comments on football and Gita were twisted by the ruling trinamool congress to peddle falsehood and deflect attention from its ”failure” to stop alleged TET question paper leak on the previous day. Meanwhile a video went viral on sunday evening in which Majumdar said, ”Bengal had been the cradle of Bhakti movement, bengal had espoused ’Sanatan dharma’ for ages but got derailed from the track for some time due to the Leftists. Those who rate football game higher than Gita are all Leftist products, they prove a little learning is a dangerous thing. bengal would now follow the right path which starts from today (the day of Gita reading on december 24)”.

Furthermore Majumdar told reporters on monday he had meant ”present-day Leftists and TMC should not teach us about the ideals of Swamiji”. ”I did not indicate Swami Vivekananda. How can I? If you listen to my comments in the video you will see I said Leftists of today. TMC is trying to do politics and misleading people. TMC should not teach us and rather educate themselves about the preachings of Swamiji,” he added.

Moreover TMC deputy chief whip Tapas Roy said ”being the professor of Botany, Majumdar might not have been very much conversant with Vivekananda’s philosophy and his utterances. We hope he will update himself soon.” In reply, Majumdar countered ”As I said I meant Leftists of today in my comment saying they have no real grasp about Viveknanda’s philosophy. TMC is nothing better. Otherwise, had they been more well-versed with Swamiji’s ideals, they would have clearly understood my words. Swamiji had advocated the youth playing football for physical fitness and strength and reading Gita at the same time. TMC’s protests stem from their ignorance.”

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