Reportedly amidst speculations about leaving congress and joining bjp, kamal nath held a meeting with close leaders. After this meeting, Manoj Malve said that kamal nath has given his entire life to congress, has fought against bjp his entire life, so how can he leave Congress. When kamal nath will not go then how can nakul Nath go?

Perhaps according to the latest information, a two-hour meeting was held at Kamal Nath's residence. Many people had come to attend this meeting and meet him. After the meeting, tirupati Kanakia while talking to ABP news said that kamal nath has clearly said in the meeting that he was a Congressman yesterday also, is a Congressman even today and will remain in congress for the rest of his life. After some time, kamal nath can also come face to face with the media and clarify his opinion. Leaders supporting 'Nath' say that there were internal differences in the congress but there was no division of minds. Whatever dispute there was has been resolved. kamal nath will not go anywhere leaving Congress.

Moreover at the same time, Kamal Nath's supporters have also given a statement on the speculations being made about Kamal Nath's mp son nakul Nath. While talking to ABP news, tirupati Kanakiya said that when the father will not go, then where can the son leave him and go? It is noteworthy that in view of Kamal Nath's rebellious attitude, the tension of congress has increased a bit. Due to this, the party has called a big meeting before the upcoming lok sabha elections, in which all the MLAs have been summoned. In this meeting, MLAs will be talked to one by one and an attempt will be made to know that even if kamal nath separates from congress, what is the opinion of the MLAs in this?

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