Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan has embarked on a week-long schedule in Visakhapatnam, a crucial move with a focus on garnering more seats in uttarandhra in the upcoming elections. The party's General Secretary, naga Babu, is expected to contest from a key constituency in the region. pawan kalyan has been actively engaging with party workers in Anakapalli district, conducting tours and meetings in various Mandals.

The visit is anticipated to bring new momentum to politics in uttarandhra, including Visakhapatnam. The party aims to boost its enrollment in the region, and key leaders like vamsi krishna Yadav and Repo Mapo Konatala ramakrishna have already joined Jana Sena, expressing their commitment to work in Visakhapatnam during the upcoming elections.

During his tour, pawan kalyan plans to meet intellectuals and student associations at Andhra University. Mobilizing support from intellectuals and students appears to be part of the strategy to sway youth votes in the party's favour. Regarding the distribution of seats, Jana Sena is eyeing the Anakapalli mp seat and considering constituencies in Visakhapatnam, such as Chodavaram and Yalamanchili. However, there have been no assurances from the tdp regarding a potential alliance.

In Srikakulam, Jana Sena is hopeful for the Rajam constituency and is reportedly negotiating with the tdp over seat allocations. The party is also seeking seats like bobbili and Patapatnam in Vijayanagar. Pawan Kalyan's dedicated focus on uttarandhra, with an aim to secure 6 to 8 seats in the upcoming elections, underscores the significance of the Visakhapatnam tour. party leaders believe that the performance of leaders during this visit will play a crucial role in determining ticket allocations. This visit is seen as a prelude to the upcoming election campaign in the region.

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