The political equations of Vagad (Banswara-Dungarpur) have changed after Mahendrajit Singh Malviya, a veteran of the congress party in rajasthan and former minister in the ashok gehlot government, joined the BJP. It is being discussed that now Bharat Adivasi party and congress party can join hands to save Vagad lok sabha seat. It also came to light that there were discussions between these two parties, but there was confusion regarding one lok sabha seat.

Talking about the recent assembly elections held in rajasthan, bjp had got only two seats out of 9 assembly seats here. Not only this, bjp had slipped to second and third position on other seats. Compared to the previous assembly, BJP's vote share also dropped by about 19 percent and here the tribal party had emerged. Bharat Adivasi party got about 29 percent votes in 8 assembly seats. Whereas congress got more than 33 percent votes. In view of these circumstances, there are discussions about contesting elections with both the parties.

 Thing stuck on one seat

It is being speculated that there was also a discussion between congress and the tribal party, in which the tribal party was talking about fielding its candidate from udaipur seat. There could be no further discussion between the two parties regarding this matter. Let us tell you that there are four lok sabha seats in Mewar-Wagad, out of which Banswara and udaipur are st reserved seats.

 What did the leaders of both parties say?

National President of Bharat Adivasi party, mohanlal Rot said that everyone is talking, but this type of discussion has not taken place yet. If something like this happens, the decision will be taken by sitting in committee. Meanwhile, Banswara mla Arjun Bamnia, who was a minister in the congress government, said that there will be no compromise with the father party. congress will contest elections at its own level and win.


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