congress mp rahul gandhi in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh had said, 'I went to varanasi and I saw that the flute was being played at night. There are drunken people lying on the road playing musical instruments. rahul gandhi had also said that the future of Uttar Pradesh is dancing after drinking alcohol at night. On the other side there is ram temple in which PM Modi and Ambani will be seen. You will see all the billionaires of india but not a single backward or Dalit person. politics is being done based on his statement. Now Mainpuri mp Dimple Yadav has reacted.

On the statement of congress mp rahul gandhi, Samajwadi party mp Dimple Yadav said, 'I have not heard such a statement but I definitely know that the unemployed youth of UP are missing, they do not have work, so they are desperate. government Jobs She is not able to give, even if she gets a police job, it has become a subject of investigation. Farmers all over india are also worried today.

Shivraj and Brajesh also raised questions

BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chauhan also reacted to this statement of Rahul. He said, 'Rahul gandhi is insulting the people (people of UP). They do not understand india, they oppose ram Mandir, oppose removal of Article 370. They are only going to destroy the country.

Apart from this, UP deputy cm Brajesh Pathak said, 'This is very sad, it cannot be condemned enough. The youth of Uttar Pradesh have a lot of energy and they are working to take the state forward. This kind of rhetoric regarding the youth is condemnable.

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