For akhilesh yadav, congress is a necessity..why?

Akhilesh Yadav feels the 2024 lok sabha elections as highly significant. It has not yet been possible for akhilesh yadav to make a name for himself in Uttar Pradesh's political politics. The Samajwadi party performed at its peak in 2012, and mulayam singh yadav had a part in that. Under Akhilesh Yadav's direction, the Samajwadi party ran in two lok sabha and two Legislative assembly elections following this one. We are all aware that the Samajwadi party did not perform very well in any of the four elections. Since 2017, the Samajwadi party has been out of power in Uttar Pradesh. Over the past ten years, the Samajwadi Party's influence in national politics has progressively decreased to an almost insignificant degree. For akhilesh yadav to preserve the party organization in such a scenario, the 2024 elections are also crucial.

In 2017, akhilesh yadav was ousted from office due to bjp defeat. Ever since, Samajwadi Party's standing has steadily deteriorated. Despite running in coalition with congress in the 2017 Legislative assembly elections, Samajwadi party only managed to secure 47 seats. It must forfeit 177 seats as a result. The Samajwadi party also reaps no advantages from its affiliation with the Congress. Similar to the previous example, Samajwadi party fails to unseat yogi adityanath even after running in the 2022 assembly elections alongside other minor parties, including RLD. Only 111 seats are where the Samajwadi Party's wheel stops. Similar to this, the Samajwadi party lost 18 seats in the 2014 lok sabha elections and only managed to win 5 seats. Even after supporting mayawati in the 2019 general elections, the Samajwadi Party's share stays at five. The Samajwadi Party's vote share has decreased by more than 4% even in this election.

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