Reportedly bahubali leader cum former mp anand Mohan arrived to attend the birth anniversary celebrations of prithviraj Chauhan organized on thursday (22 February) evening at Raspur Patsia in Mohiuddinnagar. He fiercely attacked Tejashwi Yadav's statement in Jan vishwas Yatra that RJD was not my (MY) but father's (BAAP) party. anand Mohan said that RJD is not the party of 'my father' but 'in-laws'. Earlier in-laws meant Sadhu, Subhash, Rabri and Lalu, now in-laws meant Sanjay, Sunil, Rajeshwari and Lafuan. Even today there is a party at in-laws' house.

Meanwhile he did not stop here but on the statement about Thakur's well, he said that Thakur's well also brought down the government and drowned the swearing in ceremony. He said that he has not taken any loan from any peon's son, he has not taken any loan. If someone gave two seats, he got our support on 200 seats. If anand Mohan did not have support, if Rajputs did not support, then how did the Grand Alliance win six out of six seats in Aurangabad, a Rajput dominated area? How did you win four seats in Kaimur, six in Sasaram and two in Shivhar?

Further in the program, anand Mohan Singh said, "Where did you lose? Where it is said that Rome belongs to the Pope and Saharsa, Madhepura belong to the Gop. Why did you lose 10 out of 13 seats there when your equation was so strong? The strongest district in my equation is Kishanganj. Why did you lose 5 out of 6 seats?

Regarding his son, anand Mohan said that chetan Anand did not go anywhere to apply for the ticket. Look inside yourself to see who came to the jail and contacted us and said that we are not untouchable. Trust us. On the issue of chetan Anand changing his side in the assembly, he said that he did not change his side. He left the opposition after being stung and joined the ruling party firmly. The calculation that had to be done was done. He said that he will not answer to those who bark. If the time comes, everyone will be exposed if they open their mouths.

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