Reportedly political rhetoric continues in bihar regarding the equation of 'My-Baap'. Tejashwi Yadav, who is on Jan vishwas Yatra, has described RJD as the party of his father (BAAP). On this, former mp anand Mohan Singh taunted and said that RJD is the party of the in-laws. Rabri Devi gave a strong reaction to this on friday (23 February). Rabri Devi not only responded to anand Mohan but also targeted PM Modi. Also attacked BJP. Journalists in the assembly complex questioned that anand Mohan had described RJD as the party of his in-laws. On this Rabri Devi said, "Okay... everyone's having a party at their in-laws...".

Meanwhile on the statement given by anand Mohan, Rabri Devi further said, "It is not only the people of Lalu Yadav's party. There are also people from the Prime Minister's house. There is maximum familyism in BJP. During this, on another question, nitish kumar said Even after this, kk Pathak is not showing signs of improvement, on this Rabri Devi said that the people of bihar are watching, the government is turning here and there, that is why the officials are not listening.

Let us tell you that last Thursday, in the prithviraj Chauhan birth anniversary celebration at Raspur Patsia in Mohiuddinnagar, Samastipur, former mp anand Mohan had said that RJD was the first in-laws party with my parents and it is so even today. Explaining the full meaning of in-laws, he said that earlier in-laws meant Sadhu, Subhash, Rabri and Lalu, now in-laws meant Sanjay, Sunil, Rajeshwari and Lafuan. Even today there is a party at in-laws' house.

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