Ritesh Pandey, who won the lok sabha elections on BSP ticket from Ambedkar nagar in Uttar Pradesh, has resigned from the primary membership of the party and joined BJP. Meanwhile, BSP may face another big blow. On Ambedkar nagar mp and former BSP leader Ritesh Pandey joining BJP, Uttar Pradesh congress President ajay Rai has given a big message through gestures.

During rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra, which reached Hathras, UP congress President ajay Rai said, "BSP's Jaunpur mp shyam Singh Yadav is coming to agra to welcome rahul Gandhi. congress is standing strong, those who are going to BJP. "They are going for the greed of position, they want to go to power. The people of BSP who are coming with congress are coming to struggle and fight."

Let us tell you that in the year 2019, shyam Singh Yadav had won the Jaunpur seat on BSP ticket. During this, he had defeated krishna Pratap of BJP. If we talk about the performance of congress on this seat, then congress got its last victory in the year 1984. Now it remains to be seen that if BSP mp shyam Singh Yadav joins congress then where will congress give him the ticket? Because Jaunpur seat is not included in the 17 seats that congress has got in UP.

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