4 Astronauts selected from indian Human Spaceflight..!?

Prime minister Narendra Modi will induct the four astronauts selected for India's historic Gaganyaan space mission at a function at the vikram Sarabhai Space Center in thiruvananthapuram today. Wing commander Subanshu Shukla, Group Captain prashant Nair, Group Captain Angad Pratap, and Group Captain ajith Krishnan are the four air Force veterans. Officers have been selected for the Gaganyaan space mission.
Gaganyaan is one of India's dream projects. india is progressing rapidly in international space research. Last year, india successfully landed a rover on the South Pole of the Moon, setting a record. While no other country has ever set foot in the South Pole, india successfully completed the Chandrayaan Project and made everyone look back. Next, the Aditya spacecraft to study the sun reached another milestone.
India's dream project: Although india competes with other countries in space research, india has never sent humans into space. The Gaganyaan project was brought in to achieve that feat. isro is currently actively working on the Gaganyaan program to send humans into space. According to this plan, astronauts are sent into space, where they conduct experiments for three days and then return safely to Earth. A fund of Rs 9,023 crore has been allocated for this project and work is in progress. isro chief somnath had already announced that next year will be the year of Gaganyaan. Accordingly, work is underway to implement the project. Several phase tests have been successfully completed. Astronauts are selected and trained abroad. The names of those players have been released. The indian air Force and isro initially shortlisted 12 candidates put them through a multi-stage test and selected four out of them. In early 2020, isro sent all four to russia for initial training. There was a slight delay in the training due to the spread of the Covid-19 infection. That exercise was completed in 2021. The details of the players, which were kept under wraps, have now been released. prashant Nair, Angad Pratap, ajith Krishnan, and Subanshu Shukla have been selected. No further information about them has been released. They were initially trained in russia and are currently undergoing training at the Astronaut Training Center in Bangalore. The main purpose of these exercises is to prepare the Astronauts physically and mentally to face the space environment. Next year, they will go into space through the Gaganyaan project and make history. The selection process for these astronauts was very careful. After preliminary evaluations at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) in Bengaluru under the indian air Force (IAF), 12 were selected as test pilots from a pool of candidates. After several rounds of evaluations, the I.A.M. And isro shortlisted the final 4 candidates for this prestigious mission.

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