The tamil Nadu government does not publish newspapers on the central government's plans in tamil Nadu. No matter how many obstacles, the central government will implement the projects for growth in tamil Nadu beyond those obstacles. ” prime minister Modi also accused.

He also did not mention the name of the kanimozhi MP. Ideally, he referred to the Tuticorin Member of Parliament. In this case, the prime minister does not want to name our name, ”Kanimozhi said.

Kanimozhi mp from Thoothukudi He met with reporters at the chennai airport. Speaking at the time, he said, “I do not know what the central government has come up with. They have announced plans because it is election time. So far, the central government has not even met a request made by the chief minister of tamil Nadu. DMK does not always oppose good plans. The central bjp government sticker is pasted on the state government's plans. The federal government is only providing a quarter of the Prime Minister's house. But the name of the house is pasted as the Prime Minister's home. ”

It was the state government that provided land to the Kulasekarapattinam rocket launch. Kulasekarapattinam rocket launchers have a success for artist Karunanidhi. kanimozhi said that we are constantly stressed and set up.

Many people who have said that DMK will disappear have disappeared. people know that DMK is a movement that fights for the rights of tamil Nadu. ” said. kanimozhi responded by prime minister Modi saying that there would be no party called DMK.

Responding to a question by reporters about his name not pronounced on the Prime Minister's platform, kanimozhi said that the artist's dream project was because we participated in the event. The prime minister does not even mind our name. He said the civilization they knew

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