Relationship between Kerala's improved image and politics...

The 2011 census found that 54.9% of Kerala's population is Hindu. In contrast, Christians make up 18.4% and Muslims, 26.6%. kerala is regarded as India's most literate and conscious state. When it comes to the rate of literacy in the nation, kerala ranks first. kerala is the most developed state in india according to several development metrics. kerala comes at the top of the Human Development Index as well. kerala continues to lead the state health index as well. Compared to other states, this one has different politics. Development-related topics take precedence over caste and religion in this election. Voter polarization based on religion has not yet occurred in Kerala.

In kerala, bjp might eventually emerge as a substitute!

Since the outset, kerala politics have been dominated by the Congress-CPM. This may be the most notable and encouraging factor supporting the BJP's expectations for Kerala. The congress and Left parties are the only viable options available to the people of Kerala. In addition to making its case, the bjp is working hard to broaden its base of support in Kerala. This means that in the future, the bjp will have plenty of opportunities to promote itself as a viable option. In terms of the party's future growth, it might be a significant turning point if the bjp is able to establish itself in this arena during the next lok sabha elections.

Another distinctive feature of this lok sabha election in kerala is that the opposition alliance 'India' will get more seats regardless of whether the Congress-led UDF or the Left parties' LDF win. The TMC led by mamata banerjee is running for all one of West Bengal's 42 seats. With the exception of West Bengal, the opposition coalition india is anticipated to secure the greatest number of seats from tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and kerala in this scenario.

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