Reportedly before the lok sabha elections, the tension of Samajwadi party has increased due to the grandson of late mp Shafiqur rahman Barq. He has announced to take over his grandfather's legacy. The grandson has staked claim from sambhal lok sabha seat. Let us tell you that SP mp Shafiqur rahman Burke died on tuesday (27 february 2024). Shafiqur rahman Burke, who played a long innings in politics, was a member of the lok sabha 5 times. He won Moradabad lok sabha seat in 1996, 1998 and 2004 on SP ticket. Won lok sabha elections from sambhal in 2009 on BSP ticket. Was defeated on sambhal lok sabha seat in 2014 general elections.

Previously he won the 2019 lok sabha elections from sambhal on SP ticket. He also represented the assembly four times. Shafiqur rahman Burke started politics with Chaudhary Charan Singh. The country's oldest mp Shafiqur rahman Burke breathed his last at the age of 94. In the special session of Parliament, prime minister Modi has praised the SP mp for his loyalty to the House. Now a claim has been made on sambhal seat for Dada's political legacy. The grandson has announced to contest the lok sabha elections from Sambhal. After grandfather's death, Ziaur rahman has come to take over Burke. He has announced to take over his grandfather's political legacy.

Ziaur rahman Burke is currently the SP mla from Kundarki seat of UP. He says that he will meet SP supremo akhilesh yadav soon. During the meeting, he will ask for lok sabha ticket from Sambhal. It is noteworthy that SP has an alliance with congress in Uttar Pradesh. Both the parties included in the india Alliance will contest the lok sabha elections together. congress has won 17 lok sabha seats. SP has released the third list of lok sabha candidates. The name of Shafiqur rahman Burke from sambhal was also included in the first list.

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