Reportedly Mohan Sharma, mla from Narsinghgarh assembly of Rajgarh district in Madhya Pradesh, seems angry with the system in his own government. bjp mla has warned of self-immolation. He has also said that he will sit on strike from march 5 to protest against the increased electricity bills. Mohan Sharma also accused the employees and officials of the electricity department of harassing the poor.

Meanwhile Mohan Sharma participated in the Bhoomi Pujan program of the new industrial unit M/s Zylo Pack Private Limited Company in Pilukhedi industrial area of Rajgarh district. Rajgarh collector Harsh Sharma, SP Dharamraj meena and other officials were present in the event. Addressing the program, mla Mohan Sharma said that if electricity bills are not deposited, the officials and employees of the electricity Board go to the villages of our area, open the gates of the farmers' houses and take away their motorcycles.

Perhaps Mohan Sharma further said that the employees of the electricity department took away the bike of a poor laborer and iron hammer from Barwa Khulam village. If I take law in my hands then 353 will be imposed. mla Sharma became angry while addressing the program. He said that I do not want to take the law into my hands, if I quarrel with the officials then section 353 will be imposed. Now I have only one weapon, I will be forced to commit suicide by going on a fast unto death. I am going to sit on dharna outside the DE office of the electricity department on 5th. mla Mohan Sharma said- "I have already requested you, now my final decision has been taken because I am very sad." I am not even attached to my life. My age has come to an end, I accept death but the atrocities of the electricity board on the public are not acceptable. During the program, mla Sharma asked a farmer to stand up and told the officials that it had been 30 years since his father died, since then there is no DP in the village and gave him a bill of Rs 30 thousand. When there is no DP in the village then how was the bill paid? The mla said that there is not just one such example, there are many examples.

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