Conference in beijing Amidst Economic Troubles!?

With the international world keenly watching China's crucial meetings amid economic woes, the press conference being skipped raises many questions. The Chinese government faces a huge challenge in coming up with solutions to its troubled economy. The world is watching closely to see what will happen when china begins its National People's congress tomorrow. Meanwhile, the annual meetings of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) starting today (March 4), and the National People's congress (NPC) starting on march 5 will be held.
3,000 delegates gather annually in Beijing's cavernous Great Hall of the people to discuss important issues. This meeting, which will meet as usual this year too, will deliberate on matters such as legislation, approval of staff transfers, etc. But this year, unlike usual, the news that there will be no press conference after the meeting comes as a surprise. Usually, these meetings are political activities that announce decisions that have already been made behind closed doors. However, the real estate crisis is the most important crisis facing China. Chinese President Xi jinping and officials from the ruling Communist party are discussing the country's economic woes as the country grapples with jobless graduates and debt burdens.
China's struggling economy will feature prominently in these discussions, with a property sector crisis, government debt, devaluation, a stock market slump, and trouble with the United States. This authoritative political gathering is gaining international importance. China's ambition to become the world's greatest economic power has now suffered a major setback. Amid the economic crisis and various problems, Xi jinping will conduct an economic survey. The Chinese president began his third term amid challenges from economic struggles, job uncertainty, and small businesses that the country faced last year. It is also expected that the economic growth target for this year 2024 maybe 5 percent. Address pressing issues ranging from the problem of declining birth rates to technological regulation. Global impact on the economy and political implications also contribute to China's economic problems. This economic study will also improve how to improve the government's capacity to deal with economic issues. The challenge facing china now is the direction China's economic and social policies should take amid issues of strategy and key issues, including economic growth targets and military spending.
Also important are government efforts to control government-related matters, including economic debates, government regulation, and social media regulation. The challenges facing the new administration of the Chinese president raise doubts about the country's impact on the global economy. The sessions will shed light on China's stance on Taiwan, relations with the United States, and efforts to promote innovation amid technology export restrictions. It is also said that there may be changes in the stance towards a more harmonious stance regarding the country's economy.
In china, the unexpected removal of the country's top officials, such as the foreign minister and the defense minister, has caused distrust in the country. In this context, the appointment of China's new foreign minister also assumes significance. Changes in China's foreign policy will have repercussions internationally.

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