Reportedly political turmoil is increasing in the country regarding the lok sabha elections. bjp has released a list of 195 candidates for the lok sabha elections on Saturday. In which bjp is fielding many new faces in the election field this time, while the tickets of many old MPs have been cut. Talking about the country's capital delhi, the ticket of Pravesh Verma, who won the elections from West delhi lok sabha seat for two consecutive times, has been canceled. Kamaljit Sehrawat has been given the ticket in his place.

Perhaps after his name was removed from the West delhi lok sabha seat in BJP's first list, today mp Pravesh Verma posted on his social media account X and wrote that yesterday the party has made Kamaljit Sehrawat the lok sabha candidate from West Delhi. Best wishes to Kamaljit Sehrawat. bjp will again win all seven seats in delhi and will form Modi government for the third time by winning 370+ seats in the country. The country is ready to reach new heights under the leadership of PM narendra Modi.

Moreover Pravesh Verma, mp from West delhi lok sabha seat, has given objectionable speeches several times during party programs last year. Due to which the party had to express its displeasure. After the ticket being cut in the lok sabha elections, there are discussions now that Pravesh Verma may be given a place in the state leadership. He can be removed from central politics and sent to state politics. assembly elections are to be held in delhi next year. Before that the party is preparing to play a big gamble. bjp believes that it can get more benefit from these leaders in the state politics against Aam Aadmi Party.

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