RJD supremo Lalu prasad Yadav had lashed out at bjp, PM Modi and cm Nitish Kumar in the Jan Vishwas maha Rally last sunday (03 March). He also made many comments about PM Modi. Now bjp has attacked the RJD supremo and demanded cancellation of the bail. BJP's national spokesperson ajay Alok has said that the supreme court should take cognizance of Lalu's statement.

ajay Alok said that Lalu Yadav is convicted in the fodder scam. On bail on health ground. The supreme court had granted bail to Lalu with the condition that he would not participate in any rally. Will stay away from political activities. Will not make statements in the media, but Lalu is disobeying the order of the supreme Court. This is contempt of the supreme Court.

'Lalu has got cataract in his eye...'

ajay Alok said that in the Jan vishwas rally, Lalu had told PM Modi that he was not a Hindu. Who is Lalu who gives the certificate to the PM that he is not a Hindu? PM has spread the message of Hindu awakening all over the world. Did Lalu not see rahul gandhi on the stage? Has Lalu got cataract in his eyes? Didn't they realize that rahul Gandhi's mother was a Christian and his father was a Parsi?

What did JDU say?

On the other hand, JDU has also attacked. JDU National Secretary rajeev Ranjan has said that he is not accepting the conditions on which Lalu was granted bail by the supreme Court. Lalu Yadav is violating the instructions of the supreme Court. supreme court should take cognizance and cancel the bail. PM Modi has emerged as the champion of Hindutva forces. Lalu should not have told the PM that he is not a Hindu.

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