Perni nani slams chandrababu naidu on Pension issue..!?

YCP leader and former minister perni nani has accused tdp chief chandrababu naidu of conspiring to stop the services of volunteers. nani said that it is not Chandrababu's fault to stop giving pensions. Everyone knows who Nimmagadda has a relationship with. Former minister and ycp leader perni nani said that people are watching Chandrababu's conspiracies. Speaking to the media on Monday, he said that in 14 years, Chandrababu has not spent a single scheme for the poor. He said that Chandrababu saw the poor as a vote bank. Everyone knows the history of Chandrababu. Nani said that it is not Chandrababu's fault to stop giving pensions. They accused me of not being the one who brought an expensive lawyer to the supreme court on the volunteer system. Whether Pawan said that he would break the hearts of the volunteers, or whether it was pawan kalyan who made allegations that the volunteers were the cause of the disappearance of girls in the state, he denied. jagan has never done injustice to the poor. Will they believe Chandrababu says that he will continue the volunteer system and make them earn Rs.50 thousand?It is known that the election commission has imposed restrictions on the duties of volunteers in ap in the wake of the lok sabha and assembly elections. The ec directed the government not to make the distribution of cash, including pensions, through volunteers. Suggested to make alternative arrangements. Due to the election Code, the volunteers will not go door to door to distribute pensions. The government has advised the beneficiaries to go to the village and ward secretariats to collect the cash.

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