Once again the Hindutva card is on the screen…

Indoru politics is going on juicy. The names of the three main party candidates have been finalized. However, there is a spat between bjp candidate Arvind and congress candidate jeevan Reddy. Apart from that, Arvind has once again brought the Hindutva sentiment to the fore. jeevan reddy says that I respect all religions. Arvind went one step further and made sensational comments on jeevan Reddy. Now let's find out what kind of politics is going on in Indore.

The election heat has just started in the nizamabad Parliament. Sitting mp Arvind from bjp, senior party leader jeevan reddy from congress and Bajireddy Govardhan from BRS are entering the fray. But politics is running between Arvind and jeevan Reddy. These two leaders are not leaving any chance. Arvind strategically brought hinduism to the fore. A video of jeevan reddy speaking against article 370 eight months ago is now going viral on social media. congress leaders are saying that the bjp leaders are doing this politics as this video went viral before the elections. In a meeting of bjp workers held in Jagitiyala, jeevan reddy was said to be the Muslim candidate of bangladesh along with the Rohingyas. He said that he is a Hindu candidate and Modi is Sena. But only Arvind is ready to go in this election completely with Hinduism. There is a strong debate in the constituency that jeevan reddy made such comments to attract Hindu votes.

As strong as hinduism is in this segment, the votes of the Muslim community are also at the same level. jeevan reddy has a good relationship with the minorities. Majority of minorities are voting for jeevan reddy in every election. Within this constituency, there are significant Muslim votes in Jagityala, Korutla, nizamabad Urban, and nizamabad Rural. Minorities will have an impact on wins and losses. jeevan reddy is holding a meeting with the minorities as per the plan. Most of the minorities voted for BRS in the last parliamentary elections. Now jeevan reddy is making a strategy so that the votes of the minorities will go to congress without splitting the votes. This is expected to benefit Arvind by bringing forward Hindutva sentiments. The criticism of these two leaders, with every criticism, the politics of indore is getting more heated.

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