Katchatheevu sri lanka Arrested 6,184 indian Fishermen: Foreign Minister!

External Affairs minister jaishankar said that the Sri Lankan government has arrested 6,184 indian fishermen so far

The Kachchathivu issue has become a hot topic in tamil Nadu. On the occasion of the lok sabha elections, the bjp, which has taken this issue into its own hands, has been criticizing the DMK and the congress parties for the past two days regarding this incident that took place in 1974.

As part of it, bjp rajya sabha mp and Union External Affairs minister jaishankar met the press at the party's headquarters in Delhi.

Speaking at that time, he said, “You may not be fully aware of the Kachchathivu issue. I want to say why this issue has arisen.” said. An agreement was signed between india and sri lanka in 1974. jaishankar said that in this maritime boundary agreement, Kachadivu laid the carpet for Sri Lanka.

This is the background of the problem, he said, and the issue of Khachathivu did not arise suddenly. Debates are often held in Parliament. He said that for 5 years various parties have been raising their voices regarding the issue of Kachchathivu and the issue of fishermen in Parliament. The External Affairs minister said that the issue of Kachchativu was the focus of the parliamentary questions, debates, and advisory committee.

External Affairs minister jaishankar said that the former chief minister of tamil Nadu karunanidhi has written to him several times, and the current chief minister M.K. stalin has also written to me regarding the same issue. He said that he had replied to stalin 21 times regarding this matter.

Accusing political parties in tamil Nadu of being corrupt, jaishankar said, "Both parties, congress and DMK, have approached this issue as if they have no responsibility." said.

He said that the 1974 agreement prohibits fishing in the waters of sri lanka and an explanation was given in parliament in 1974 about the rights of indian fishermen. The issue of Kachchathivu has affected the interests of fishermen in a big way. He lamented that in the last 20 years, the Sri Lankan government has arrested 6,184 indian fishermen and 1175 boats have been detained.

The central government is in a situation where it has to solve the problem of the island. It has no history, it just happened. It is because of those who take matters into their own hands. "Now we know not only who did it, but also who covered it up," jaishankar said.

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