RSS, BJP's mouthpiece Jaishankar: p. chidambaram barrage of questions!

Former minister p. chidambaram has repeatedly questioned why the External Affairs minister and the Union Ministry of External Affairs are acting differently on the Kachchathivu issue.

Why are Foreign minister Jaishankar and his ministry somersaulting now p chidambaram questions?

The Kachchathivu issue has become a hot topic in tamil Nadu. On the occasion of the lok sabha elections, the bjp, which has taken this issue into its own hands, has been criticizing the DMK and the congress parties for the past two days regarding this incident that took place in 1974.

As part of it, bjp rajya sabha mp and Union External Affairs minister Jaishankar met the press at the party's headquarters in Delhi.

Speaking then, he said that both the congress and DMK parties have approached this issue as if they have no responsibility. He lashed out at two parties for laying the groundwork for the island of Sri Lanka.

In this situation, former finance minister and senior congress leader p. chidambaram has accused the External Affairs minister of acting as a mouthpiece of RSS and BJP. Regarding this, he said on his X page, "The Ministry of External Affairs said in the last 2015 inquiry under the Right to Information Act that Kachchathivu belongs to Sri Lanka. Now why is Foreign Affairs minister Andar Paldi stepping on the issue.” has raised the question.

Also, Jaishankar, who served as a foreign service officer and is currently the minister of External Affairs, has become the mouthpiece of bjp and RSS. p. chidambaram alleged that Jaishankar's life will be recorded in history.

It is to be noted that earlier, the state president of the congress party, Selvaperundhai, had insisted that the President should immediately sack Foreign minister Jaishankar.

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