DMK rule is a curse for tamil Nadu; Union minister of State Kattam during the campaign

Whenever the DMK comes to power in tamil Nadu, Union minister of State L. Murugan mentioned that there is a water shortage and criticized the DMK rule as a curse for tamil Nadu.

Union minister L Murugan slams DMK government in Mettupalayam

Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, Nilgiris Parliamentary assembly today. J. Candidate and Union home minister L. Murugan campaigned for election. After performing the darshan of Sami at the shakti Vinayagar temple in the bus stand area in Mettupalayam, L started the election campaign from the bus stand area. Murugan started.

Following this, L. campaigned in the vehicle. Murugan proudly said that in the last 10 years, through good governance, the standard of living of 25 crore poor people has been raised and 25 crore people have been converted into the middle class. Also, the Jaljeevan scheme was introduced to provide housing, gas connections, and drinking water connections to all.

However, the DMK government in tamil Nadu is not dealing with it properly and is causing problems with drinking water to the people and suffering to the people. And whenever the DMK comes to power, then everything is led by the drinking water shortage. He criticized the DMK regime as a curse and the DMK as a corruption and bribery regime. He said that in Mettupalayam people are polluting the perennial river Bhavani and polluting the drinking water.


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