Question about the reputation of thane seat cm Shinde?

CM Shinde is not ready to leave Thane's seat considering it a question of prestige. thane is the home area of cm Shinde. On the other hand, the bjp says that after the split in shiv sena, the Shinde faction has no strong candidate to contest the current shiv sena UBT mp Rajan Vichare. industries minister uday Samant and his brother kiran Samant are under immense pressure on cm Shinde not to leave the Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg seat for BJP. He says that his party's candidate should be fielded in this seat. But former bjp Union minister Narayan Rane himself is interested in becoming a candidate for this seat. He hopes that he can snatch this seat from shiv sena UBT.

What hope does the bjp have in Palghar?

In Palghar too, the bjp is confident of winning because of its growing presence as well as the work of RSS and its affiliated organizations. bjp is expecting support from Bahujan Vikas Aghadi led by Hitendra Thakur in Palghar. Similarly, in Sambhajinagar, which was recently known as Aurangabad, the Shinde faction is considering fielding party minister Sandipan Bhamre or maratha reservation movement activist Vinod Patil as its candidate.

On the other hand, the bjp is also confident of its victory in this seat. The party believes that it can take advantage of the divided opposition and factionalism of shiv sena and UBT. Union minister Bhagwat Karad is a possible bjp candidate in Sambhajinagar. shiv sena UBT has announced to make former mp Chandrakant Khaire its candidate. Additionally, the Ajit Pawar-led NCP's claim on Nashik has made the seat-sharing process more complicated.

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