A closed-door meeting of prithviraj Chavan and Jayant Patil?

Senior congress leader prithviraj Chavan on sunday said the maha Vikas Aghadi was trying to resolve the impasse over Sangli and two other lok sabha constituencies, hours after maharashtra ncp (SP) chief Jayant Patil met him in Karad. This closed-door meeting has become important after the sitting ncp (SP) mp from Satara, srinivas Patil, refused to contest the elections due to health reasons.

A closed-door meeting of Jayant Patil and prithviraj Chavan

Chavan, mla from Karad South constituency, said that the Satara lok sabha constituency comes under ncp (SP). Candidate sharad pawar will decide on this seat. While interacting with the media in Karad, prithviraj Chavan refused to speak on the issue of the proposal by some congress leaders for a friendly fight on the disputed seats with MVA allies. Asked what happened in the meeting between him and Jayant Patil, Chavan said efforts were on to provide a suitable and strong candidate in Satara. He said, what is discussed behind closed doors is not discussed in the public forum.

Sharad Pawar will decide the candidate

When prithviraj Chavan was asked whether his name was being considered for the Satara elections. On this, the former chief minister of maharashtra said that the constituency is part of the ncp (SP) quota and sharad pawar will decide the candidate. Let us tell you that prithviraj Chavan had represented Satara in parliament in the 1990s. In 1999, after sharad pawar walked out of the congress and formed the Nationalist congress Party, he was defeated by srinivas Patil. Since then ncp (undivided) has fielded candidates from Satara.

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