Why kcr Only Targets Congress..!? Is it a strategy?

After a long time, kcr entered the field. But he focused entirely on the Congress. After the shock of the telangana assembly election results, kcr was not seen much. After his defeat, many leaders and activists came to the farmhouse in solidarity and he slipped in the bathroom and was confined to rest. Later Nalgondalo Bahirangasabha.. Again they conducted a visit to the farmers in the nalgonda district. Both occasions were tours conducted in an indirect but electoral sense. But in both cases, kcr did not speak a single word about BJP. Not criticized. Not only in these two cases.. even when crucial developments took place.. i.e. even on the subject of the daughter's arrest, he did not respond.
KCR came out for the lok sabha elections by making the issues of agriculture and farmers an agenda. kcr is facing more difficult political challenges than ever before. But he has many limitations. He is doing politics in between them. In november 2022, kcr made comments in the party executive meeting that kavitha threatened to join the bjp, otherwise, the bjp threatened cases and arrests. After kavitha was accused in the delhi liquor scam, KCR's public response was minimal. But at that time, in the working group meeting, the topic of poetry was mentioned. kcr said that kavitha was forced to join the bjp after the ED raids. He made it clear at that time that there would be a war with BJP. He said not to worry that the investigating agencies would crack down not only on kavitha but also on the party leaders. Almost a year and a half later, kcr is not at war with the bjp, kavitha is being arrested, but they are keeping silent. bjp is not saying a single word. On the day of Kavitha's arrest, ktr was accused of misusing BJP's investigative agencies but kcr did not make a single criticism.Assembly elections in telangana are over. Now the lok sabha elections are going on. Voting will be done based on whether there should be a bjp at the center or an alliance of India. That means the central elements should be highlighted. But kcr is following the strategy of making congress responsible for the drought in the state and getting votes for BRS. He is keeping a strategic silence on the entire bjp issue. BRS did not respond even after caa was brought into force. In fact, the issue of caa is crucial for BRS. There was an opportunity to lash out at the bjp on this issue to garner the support of the Muslim community. But kcr left. They are completely targeting the congress party. KCR's behavior is not surprising to anyone. Because he stopped criticizing the bjp before the elections. He foresaw the impending danger. But the latest developments prove that the danger has not stopped. The BRS leadership feels that it will face more difficulties if it opposes the Bharatiya Janata Party. That is why the party is keeping silent as much as possible. The political developments prove that the bjp and the BRS are occupying the place with the help of Congress.

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