Jagan's key comments in madanapalle public meeting…

As the elections are approaching in ap, the major parties are ramping up their election campaigns. While TDP-Janasena-BJP went to the masses in the name of Prajagalam, ap cm and ycp chief YS jagan are rushing into the election battleground in the name of we are all prepared. Jagan's bus trip which started on the 27th of last month, people are saying Nirajan. As part of the Yatra, cm jagan attacked the opposition in a huge public meeting held in madanapalle, chittoor district. With chaloktas, punches, and rhymes, he made harsh comments about the alliance.

Jagan fumed that the opposition did not dare to compete alone and was coming like a pack of wolves for power. cm jagan said that if their job is to join the flags, my job is to build a temple in the hearts of the people. The cm said that so many people are attacking one person, Chandrababu, Dattaputra, BJP, and congress are united to defeat me, and the people of ap are watching all this.

Jagan satirized the opposition in his style by asking whether a non-trustworthy alliance would stand. He questioned the people of ap saying that Chandrababu who has not fulfilled 10% of his promises can stand in front of our faithful who have fulfilled 99% of his promises. jagan appealed to the people of ap to win 175 assembly and 25 mp seats saying that everything is ready to hit a double century.

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