Legal action will be taken against madurai AIADMK candidate - Su Venkatesan MP. Warning!

Madurai AIADMK candidate has warned that legal action will be taken if he does not stop defamation. Su Venkatesan mp warns legal against if madurai aiadmk candidate Saravanan if does not stop defamation

Parliamentary lok sabha elections are approaching. Candidates have been announced on behalf of the political parties and intensive campaigning is being carried out. Each political party has taken turns criticizing each other.

In that sense, madurai M.P. madurai AIADMK candidate Saravanam had alleged that despite the allocation of Rs 17 crore, only Rs 5 crore was used. In this situation, madurai mp and party OF INDIA' target='_blank' title='communist party of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>communist party of india candidate S. Venkatesan has warned that legal action will be taken if madurai AIADMK candidate does not stop defamation.

In a statement released by him, he said: "Dr. Saravanan, who has been announced as the AIADMK candidate in the madurai constituency, is making a mockery of his vote-gathering tactics. As neither he nor his party have any plans of their own to ask the people for their votes, he has been campaigning on slander.

Indeed, election campaigns are platforms where ideology and field action are presented. Cultural politics is about turning those platforms into healthy debates. Saravanan has now given an interview to an english daily and said that "Venkatesan has spent only 5 crores out of the 17 crores allocation for the mp fund. The remaining 12 crores have not been used."

It was reported that he had left the binocular lid open. Had he forgotten to open even his own eyes? The question arises. doctor Saravanan, who was the then DMK legislator of Thiruparangundram, was the one who saw closely the work done to protect the people of madurai in the field of Kovid through field operations and quick interventions, even when the Member of parliament Constituency Development Fund was stopped.

16 crore 96 lakhs has been utilized out of 17 crores allocated in the madurai Member of parliament Constituency Development Fund. Probably 100 percent. We have

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