Prime minister is coming to Nilgiris only for campaigning when three army commanders died in an accident - A. Raza review

The DMK candidate from the Kethi Palada area will be the next chief minister to pay tribute to Tri-Army commander Bipin Rawat by hoisting the national flag. Speech during the Rasa campaign.

As the parliamentary elections are approaching, the candidates contesting in the Nilgiris parliamentary constituency are campaigning in various areas to gather votes. DMK candidate A. Raza, who is contesting for the Nilgiri parliamentary constituency for the fourth time, is campaigning in various rural areas today and collecting votes. In this case, DMK candidate A. Raza collected votes in the Kethi Palada area next to Utkai.

Speaking then, he said that indian prime minister Narendra Modi visited tamil Nadu and said that he loves tamil Nadu and Tamil. Speaking at Mettupalayam, bjp leader Natta said that DMK and stalin are trying to divide tamil Nadu and that tamil Nadu is alone and will not come to the national race. But when pakistan invaded india and financed the Kargil war, it was the artist. He questioned that we do not have national unity.

He said that prime minister Modi, who will visit the Nilgiris district on the 10th, said Bharat Mata Ki Je and loves Tamil. prime minister Narendra Modi, who will visit Nilgiri district only during the election, why did he not come to Nilgiri district when Tri-Army commander Bipin Rawat died in a helicopter crash?

He also spoke about why prime minister Modi has not visited the Aruvankadu Explosives Factory, which manufactures explosives for the army. And when Triforce commander Bipin Rawat died in an accident, he said that tamil Nadu chief minister M K stalin was the one who ran and saluted the national flag.

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