Rush to attend Modi's rally; Namita's argument with security officials

BJP's star speaker Namitha, who had come to attend a public meeting attended by the prime minister, caused a stir when the police refused to allow her through the VVIP gate and her altercation caused a stir.

Actress namitha was one of the leading actresses of tamil cinema. He joined the bharatiya janata party in 2019. Subsequently, in 2020, he was given the post of state executive committee member. He has been announced by the state bjp as the star speaker in the upcoming lok sabha elections. He is actively campaigning in support of bjp candidates in lok sabha constituencies including Nilgiris, Coimbatore, and Tirupur.

A public meeting was held today in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, in which prime minister Narendra Modi participated. namitha had visited the Nilgiris district two days earlier to participate in this rally. Later he continued campaigning in various parts of the Nilgiri district and collected votes for Union Joint minister and Nilgiri candidate L. Murugan. In this situation, the police refused to allow him to go through the VVIP gate when he arrived at the public meeting area this afternoon. Following this, Namita went to enter through the public gate. But the police there advised him to go through the VVIP gate.

Following this, Namita came back to the VVIP Gate area. But even then the police refused to let him in. namitha and her husband Virendra Chowdhury, who were subsequently harassed, had an argument with the police and party officials present for some time.

After a long time, the police allowed Nameeta to enter the stadium through VVIP. Meanwhile, bjp workers and members of the public in the area excitedly took photos and videos of Namitha, who was escorted by the police and was walking on the road.

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