Let's make the enemies run away in the election war: Edappadi Palaniswami's passionate speech

AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami has said that all the efforts made by stalin to break the ADMK were thwarted by the volunteers.

Edappadi Palaniswami said that in this war of elections, we will drive the enemies to run away and all the efforts made by stalin to break the AIADMK have been foiled by the volunteers.

AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami launched the election campaign while speaking at a public meeting in pollachi, Coimbatore. At that time, pollachi Lok Sabha Constituency ADMK. The candidate supported karthikeyan and engaged in vote collection.

Speaking at the public meeting, Edappadi Palaniswami said:

"Come and see chief minister M. K. stalin at the pollachi meeting saying that ADMK is split. Your dream of breaking ADMK has been shattered.

What is being held in pollachi today is not an election campaign public meeting, but looks like a victory celebration meeting. All attempts by stalin to break the ADMK were foiled by the volunteers.

MGR And Jayalalitha, both leaders are God's gift to the people of tamil Nadu. They both lived for the people. They have built ADMK and left it to us. We will drive the enemy to run away in this war of elections.

ADMK ruled tamil Nadu for 30 years. has ruled. ADMK to bring tamil Nadu as the premier state in India. The government has worked hard. Are you ready to talk about the achievements of the DMK government for 3 years? DMK is not a party. A corporate entity.

They are running family politics. Karunanidhi, stalin, and Udayanidhi are doing succession politics in DMK. They often come to tamilnadu from Madhi, what is the use of that? Did the people from the center give any plans to tamil Nadu?

They come and go in airplanes, they just go on the road, will people vote for this? They want to win by confusing people by saying something. It won't happen. bjp in tamil Nadu There is no chance of coming to power."

Thus Edappadi Palaniswami spoke.

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