Nellie lok sabha constituency election cancelled? tamil Nadu's exciting political field!

A petition has been filed in the high court Maduraiklai seeking to suspend the election in the Nellai lok sabha constituency which has created a stir.

Tirunelveli lok sabha constituency

Nayanar Nagendran is contesting from the Nellai lok sabha constituency on behalf of the BJP. Maharaja, a lawyer from madurai, has filed a petition in the madurai branch of the high court that he has hidden assets of Rs 1,500 crore and filed his nomination.

Madurai High Court

A criminal case is pending against Nayanar Nagendran. However, he has hidden the details of it in his nomination. He also said that the nomination form was not properly filled. Similarly, he has filed his nomination papers hiding assets worth 1,500 crores. I had formally submitted a petition to the Nellie lok sabha election Officer regarding this. But the nomination of Nayanar Nagendran has been accepted without conducting any investigation on that petition which is illegal.

Nainar Nagendran

Therefore, as the petition has hidden various information in the petition, this election should be put on hold. It has also been said that an order should be issued to take action against election officials who are not functioning properly. In this case, this petition is going to be heard soon.

Tirunelveli lok sabha Constituency Nainar Nagendran

A case has been filed against bjp candidate Nayanar Nagendran, who has already seized Rs 4 crore worth of paddy at the tambaram railway station, creating a stir in the political circles.

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