Now inter caste ties are playing a vital role in politics. Even if the husband and wife belong to different castes, they are encouraged by giving them tickets if they are in a good financial position. As usual andhra pradesh politics means there are always caste circles. It is customary here to see who belongs to our caste and cast votes. Now politicians are thinking more about whether to give mla seats or mp seats. Especially in reserve constituencies this kind of planning is going on.

But can anyone believe that a leader got the post of chief minister due to inter-caste marriage? This is true. Bhuvanam Venkatramireddy, who served as the eighth chief minister of united andhra pradesh, got the same position, not that leader. At that time, the united andhra pradesh was ruled by the congress government continuously for several decades. ntr did not return to the congress until he formed the telugu desam party in 1982 and came to power in 1983. It is in this order that most of the people belonging to the reddy community have ruled Andhra Pradesh.

Former chief minister and former prime minister PV narasimha Rao, who was closest to indira gandhi at that time, is said to have brought the name of Bhuvanam Venkatrami reddy to the fore as he could not tolerate the dominance of Reddy's social class. He told indira gandhi himself and made bhuvan to get the chief minister's chair. Bhuvanam Venkatarami Reddy's wife Jayapradadevi kamma said that if he was given the post of chief minister, all reds and kammas would vote for us.

After Venkatarami reddy was in this post for a few months, he was also removed from the post as conspiracies and backbiting started again in the Congress. Bhuvanam jayaprada Devi was also elected to the assembly from vinukonda of guntur district. It is also said that ntr thought of getting into politics when he went to Bhuvanam Chief Minister's swearing-in ceremony in guntur, which happened behind Indira Gandhi.

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